Feeling Grounded?

Feeling grounded is a positive thing right? It means to be focused, centered, mindful of the present moment... but we are mermaids after all and therefore struggling keeping our feet on the ground and not in the ocean during this scary pandemic that the world is facing. How is everyone out there? We hope you are safe and well!

After the initial 'uh oh' we have started to acclimatise to the new norm and are continuing to work full speed ahead on all aspects of the documentary that we can! Having nothing but free time has allowed us to step back and look at everything with fresh eyes and things are moving forward. We are so eager to share what have created with you and the world and hope that we can inspire a change that will save the Southern residents.

When we started this journey we had no idea where it would take us. We pulled in our collective skills to do what we could, a rollarcoaster of up's and down's later and we are still dedicating our blood sweat and tears to this project, but with light at the end of the tunnel we are both overwhelmed and incredibly excited for the next phase.

We could not have got this far without our supporters and certainly could not carry on without you, so a huge thank you to anyone who has and continues to support us.

We're in the race against extinction together, share our project with a friend who doesn't know about us, there's power in numbers!


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