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Ocean Song (You & I)

We are SO excited to announce the release of this incredibly moving song written by the very talented Lilly Ahlberg for ‘Searching for Chinook’. It has been such a pleasure watching this develop into a song that is more perfect than we could have imagined. It captures the beauty of San Juan Island and the magical ecosystem that our beloved orcas live in, as well as the all emotions we feel on this journey to save them. The music and video take us back to our summer filming and fills our hearts with nostalgia, love, hope and determination to ensure we see the day we can say this ecosystem and the Southern resident killer whales are thriving. We hope you...

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Feeling Grounded?

Feeling grounded is a positive thing right? It means to be focused, centered, mindful of the present moment... but we are mermaids after all and therefore struggling keeping our feet on the ground and not in the ocean during this scary pandemic that the world is facing. How is everyone out there? We hope you are safe and well! After the initial 'uh oh' we have started to acclimatise to the new norm and are continuing to work full speed ahead on all aspects of the documentary that we can! Having nothing but free time has allowed us to step back and look at everything with fresh eyes and things are moving forward. We are so eager to share what...

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Ken Balcomb

Every time I speak with Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research I am in awe of his passion, dedication and knowledge of the Southern resident killer whales.The simplicity in which he can explain the issues they are facing and the solutions required to save them is symbolic of the effort he has put into studying them since 1976!•Anyone who loves the Southern residents or any orcas should be following and supporting the work of the Center. Head over to their Instagram page @centerforwhaleresearch and check out their website for how you can show your support!

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Orca Poo

Who knew we would love talking about poo so much!  Dr. Giles and her scat sniffing pooch Eba have taught us so much about orca poo and what we can learn from it. This is a critical part of Southern resident killer whale science and is run through the University of Washington and Conservation Canine. It has given us information on the populations re-productivity, nutrition status, what they are eating and where from, stress levels and more! This image shows the first time we ran into Dr. Giles on the water! 

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"Patience is a virtue and the best things in life are worth waiting for." Alex and Maria spent uncountable hours sitting on these rocks at Lime Kiln State Park Lighthouse waiting for the Southern resident killer whales to come by... we laughed, cried, drank tea, educated passers by... and oh boy was it worth the wait when the the orcas came by!

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